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Thread: How to get The Runescape Channel on your Wii!

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    Cool How to get The Runescape Channel on your Wii!

    This guide is how to get The Runescape Channel on Wii!
    I am not held responcible for ANYTHING that happens to your Wii!
    Now with that out of the way, let's start the guide!
    Note: This is my 1st guide! Please be nice!


    Remember ? Where he said that you could get The Runescape Channel? And you needed to convert the file to a .wad, but it never worked? Well, he shut his website down, because he is a fake. Do you want to play Runescape on a Wii? Well, today is your lucky day! I've also improved it alot more than what Jimmy has done. There is new added features like:
    ~Change Java Types (from sun java to regular etc
    ~Improved Stability when in-game
    ~New Fullscreen Feature
    ~Convenient new typing layout! (though I recomend using a USB Keyboard)
    ~Reduced lagging in-game
    ~Fully working music in-game
    ~(And the anticipated for feature of all, it plays .MP3 files! So you can listen to music while playing!)
    ~Zoom in/out feature
    ~A is Left Click and B is right click (although there is two USB ports in the back of the Wii, which can be used for both a mouse and a keybaord.)
    ~Improved Keyboard Compatibility
    ~Fixed Wii Censor Problem (where it doesn't work when you launch the channel)
    ~Arrow keys on WiiMote can be used for moving the camera angle position in-game (although the controlls can be configured in the Settings Menu)
    ~Im Still working on support for Runescape HD

    A Wii
    A Compadible SD Card
    The Wii MUST be softmodded w/ The Homebrew Channel
    Must have .WAD Manager Installed Correctly to install Runescape Channel
    __________________________________________________ ________________________________
    You can download the .wad file HERE (Only works for NTSC-U Wii's E, J, K Wii's will not work [yet])

    Getting .WAD Manager & the .WAD to load
    1) Create a new folder onyour SD Card called, apps, then make another new folder called, wad
    2) in the apps folder, make a folder called, WAD Manager 1.7, in the wad folder, put the RSChannelNTSC1.wad that you downloaded, into it
    3) Download THIS and extract it in WAD Manager 1.7 folder
    4) Go to your Wii and Open Homebrew Channel
    5) Browse for the thing that says, /apps/WAD Manager 1.7/WAD Manager 1.7.dol (or it could just be /apps/WAD Manager 1.7/ )
    6) Click on it and click LOAD
    7) iT WILL NOW LOAD WAD Manager 1.7!

    Installing the .WAD
    1) Do the steps above if you haven't already.
    2) Click on boot from SD Card
    3) And then use your WiiMote to move down to RSChannelNTSC1.wad
    4) Press A when your on it
    5) Press A and Install the WAD
    6) Wait for it to finish
    7) TAAADAAA!
    8) Reboot your Wii and you've got the Runescape Channel!

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    Change the yellow txt - It kind of clashes a little with the white background lol

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    nice guide but its hard to read with all those colours

    ^^^^^^^^pimpness from the mighty bmarlo ^^^^^^^^

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    Unhappy Nice

    I like the idea of runescape channel but the link is broken

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    -Link Broke- Good Guide Though (:


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