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Thread: I have a question concerning the contents of SD card

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    Question I have a question concerning the contents of SD card

    Hello, I am planning on cleaning off my SD card after having used it to softmod my Wii. I am wondering which files/folders are what, and what I should keep.
    I have the following folders on my SD card:


    I also have boot.elf in the root of the card.

    I would like to clean out everything that I won't need, so I'm really wondering if I need 00000001 and private. I don't have any games or save data on the SD card, but I don't want to delete anything that will prevent the HBC from working or anything like that.

    I am sorry if I have done anything incorrectly by creating this thread and asking this question. I do not regularly post here, but I do often browse the forums for guidance and for solutions to my problems. I am only creating this thread because my question is quite specific and I have not found anything around to help me.

    If there happens to be a tutorial or guide to SD cards or something, please post a link and I will follow it. Any responses commenting about searching or getting the information from an intro are irrelevant at this time.

    I am simply looking to not make a mistake, I am not looking for negative comments which I have seen quite a few of in other posts by people who do not regularly post.

    Thank you.

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    even not regularly is overestimated hehe jk
    when you are sure you are done with modding you can delete (or better back up to pc) everything except your apps folder and usbloader folder (and whatever you have in images), recheck what in the config folder is (think something for MMM or similar program, if app is unused delete too)
    apps can be cleaned from apps you don't run/use anymore.
    all that won't interfer with your hbc loading or something.
    new apps go in the apps folder of course.

    good luck, have fun playing / further modding

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    Thank you for your help. I have done what is suggested and it is working fine.

    Now to go do some homework. :P


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