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    internet help

    I have just done the 4.2 softmod by messie. It works perfect. backup games play perfect. I have lost my internet along the way and can't seem to get it back. Can anyone help me troubleshoot? I appreciate any help.

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    Check you internet settings on your wii, or maybe your wireless is acting up? I don't think the modding process should have messed with any of the wii internet settings. Maybe priiloader wifi hacks need to be disabled?
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    do not disable block updates (disc/online) in priiloader. you can adjust internetsettings normally when this is enabled and you have softmodded your wii. the connection test should work normally with it. if you disable it go to wifi settings and have a loose thumb and press A on the update request you are screwed and can start over modding again.

    like mentioned above, make sure router is set up correctly, a restart of it (unplug power, wait 10secs, replug power) can help wonders (make sure mac filtering is off, unless you want to use it, mac adress of wii can be found in wiisettings too). go to wiisettings -> wireless -> find your router from the access point list, and type in your wifi password (case sensitive..)-> save -> connection test runs, if successful, do not press update when priiloader update blocking is not enabled

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