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Thread: noob needs help to re-softmod an already hacked wii

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    noob needs help to re-softmod an already hacked wii

    Hi guys

    Just bought a wii that has been softmodded with hermes uloader and priiloader v0.02 (v30).

    While the wii works ok, it fails with new games such as just dance 2 giving the 'cant read big file' message.

    Is there a way to undo the softmod and install a better system which allows the loading of new games without the error messages and yet not brick the wii in the process?

    I know NOTHING of softmodding and would need my hand holding lol

    I have a 2gb sd card and running winxp with wbfs manager 3.0 (250gb hdd plugged in to wii rear usb).

    Any/all help would be very much appiciated - thanks Jay

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    forgot to add, wii running 4.2e :P

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    whats system menu


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