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Thread: A Few Questions about (c)IOS's and Downgrading 4.1-3.4E

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    A Few Questions about (c)IOS's and Downgrading 4.1-3.4E

    Well, I'm intermediate-Expert in computing (I'd like to think) but as far as the Wii and cracking consoles goes, I'm relatively new. I've unsuccessfully tried to softmod X-box, PS2 and Wii.

    I'm currently very lost on the Wii. v3.4E (updated to 4.1, read below)
    I found a few tutorials about softmodding, followed them all the way through and they all seemed to end after installing Homebrew Channel and Bootmii.
    Then I found this site, and the main focus here is cIOS and IOS which is confusing me a lot.

    My Questions Are:
    I'm asking for real simple answers; I've read endless articles about IOS's, and all I get are explanations for each version/number which make no sense, to me atleast.
    As a whole, what are the IOS's actually there for?
    Is the Wii actually "softmodded" by the homebrew and bootmii? And the IOS's are just instructions for the Wii to read copied discs/boot from HDD/USB etc..?

    I stupidly installed System Menu 4.1, before installing the IOS's. I've read it'll brick if I install them on 4.1...? Which app do I need to roll it back to 3.4E?

    I only have a 32mb SD card. I've managed so far, up to installing the IOS's. (I'm beginning to build a grudge against IOS's!) Some tutorials have downloadable packs, Some are 24mb going up to 42mb. Could someone, "in the know," please give me a list of the absolute minimum IOS and cIOS's that I will need? I only want to boot from DVD-r's after all.

    Last one! When I burn an .iso to a DVD using ImgBurn. I have had a few websites go on about changing the IOS number (to 30, 36 or whatever other number) of the actual .iso on my computer. I have tried this with ISOPatcher by Waninkoko. When it came to verifying the disc after burn, it came up with errors about the IOS number. Can someone please clarify, Do I need to use IsoPatcher? Does the number depend on the setup of my Wii? How do I find this number out?

    Thanks in advance for all help!

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    ok first you dont need to go back to 3.4 im on 4.1and everything works perfectly, you should really get hold of a bigger sd card 32mb is too small, and ive never had to change any ios numbers when i used to make back up discs (but thats just me), i hope that helps a little

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    Okay, so I still need to install all the IOS's and stuff on my Wii?
    Which ones would I need for it to just run off a DVD because I don't want to have to install all of them.

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    Think of IOS as BIOS for a PC. This is why we tell users NEVER, EVER uninstall any IOS below 200 --- otherwise, you could brick your Wii (render it inoperative). Do not downgrade; Dogeggs has an excellent 3.1-4.1 Wii softmod guide you can follow. Mauifrog has a "Softmod ANY Wii" softmod guide as well. Consult the links you were given in your Introduction post.

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    Thanks for all replies

    I used the 24mb pack, on the 3.1-4.1 tutorial.

    Loving it!


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