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    wii help

    hi there

    can someone help. try soft mod and mistakenly follow the steps wrong. try stupid things and now the wii does not work at all. when power up, get message "system files are corrupted. check manual for troubleshooting". i'm not able to do anything. is there a fix or something i can do to restore it back to original state.


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    moved to the appropriate section.

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    You're fond of multiple posts/threads for this problem, aren't you? I gave you a suggestion in this post and asked for further information.

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    What system menu were you attempting to softmod? What guide were you using and at what step did you brick?

    try stupid things and now the wii does not work at all.
    What stupid things did you try?
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    Sounds like a preloader brick or a theme brick- which is it. Turn off the wii, hold reset, press power, keep holding reset, keep holding. Does preloader/priiloader load? Do you get the error before or after the health screen? Did you install boot2 bootmii? = 2 blue led flashes at boot with sd card and disc removed.

    What guide did you follow? Post a link.
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