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Thread: Sonic 4 wad + Errors teach me something

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    Ca Sonic 4 wad + Errors teach me something

    Im wondering something so i can stop coming here & ask everyone help

    teach me something once & for all sorry for asking this i know it might have been covered before 100 000x

    but when a new wad like sonic comes out
    how do you install it?

    i went into wad manager.... as i did for all my wads before
    chosen 249 .... and it gave me a error ....
    and i managed to installed it under ios 36 , 222 , ect
    and it gave me a black screen on startup of the game

    can someone point me a way to fix this i will know for ever how to remedy this situation and stop asking & help others

    I want to basicly know
    how to put everything up to date when it's been a long time i haven't install anything to be sure everything will work correctly?

    thanks all

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    Closed, piracy is not supported here. Please read the rules.

    You can update the shop channel and buy the game using wii points. Check the shop channel guide in my signature and follow it to get your shop channel working.
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