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Thread: Help my wii is bricked

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    Help my wii is bricked

    Hallo people,

    I have a wii and i try too instal ios222 in wadmanager and it freezes then i turned my wii off.
    I turned my wii back on and i got a black screen,some people said too me must be your bluetooth module so i bought one and i put it in still nothing.
    Now i bought a savemii the red light stays on nothing works.

    Some one pls Help me i am stuck!!!


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    Doesn't sound good. Do you have bootmii installed as boot2?

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    if savemii stays red, its either:

    Wifi module
    Nand corrupt, missing system menu or missing system IOS.

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    it could only be this two things?
    and what should i do about it?


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