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Thread: Real Newbie Needs Help!!!

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    Real Newbie Needs Help!!!

    Hello, i am struggling, i have only being looking at the wii home brew channel and stuff for about 5 days so am learning as i go. i received a wii from a family member and it was already updated to 4.3e so i learned quickly it was going to be harder to mod it. so i found this which stated i needed indeana jones so i purchased a pre owned and downloaded the patch and following instruction from the above site. i used the hackmii installers from here i then used the wehackwii package from here LINK REMOVED and followed the rest of the instructions, once i got to the end of the instruction i went to the usb loader gx then inserted my hard drive (hd formatted as ntfs and copied game files onto it???) into the lowest usb, it then hangs on loading???? please help me my kids are driving me nuts thanks

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    First time posters are asked to make a quick hello post in the Introductions section of the site. Do not mix and match techniques as to softmod, you will fail. As you have found our 4.3 guide, follow it from beginning to end. Any further questions or issues go in that thread --- there's no reason to create YAT (Yet Another Thread) on this.

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