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Thread: DaedalusX64 Alpha Revision 585 - N64 emu for PSP

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    DaedalusX64 Alpha Revision 585 - N64 emu for PSP

    Download DaedalusX64 Revision 585 32-bit

    Download DaedalusX64 Revision 585 16-bit

    **********************Important Announcement*****************
    As part of the DaedalusX64 community, you are getting the chance to test out a future possibility for DX64 that may possibly increase speed at the cost of graphic quality. The 32-bit version is the version you have used up to this day, and the 16-bit version is the one that needs just a bit of testing. This is your chance to help out, so please feel free to post your thoughts and findings in this thread. Also if you are satisfied with your decision please vote at the top of the page.
    Edit: The devs have chosen 16-bit as the default choice.

    source - • View forum - Daedalus PSP[/url]
    changelog - Repository - [daedalusx64] Log of /

    If you never installed this emulator then you may want to download and install v473 and then update to the latest beta build. v473 is a complete package, 32 MB download.

    Copy the Daedalus folder to the \PSP\GAME\ folder on your PSP.

    Upgrade Procedure
    Grab the link and unzip it. Delete all *.hle files(in SaveGames) as well as preferences.ini and rom.db from your memory stick. These files (*.hle, rom.db, and preferences.ini) are rebuilt when you use the software and are version specific. Then you can copy it to your current folder on your PSP and overwrite all the old files. Now you are guaranteed to be starting fresh.

    Roms should be copied to the Roms subdirectory within the
    Daedalusx64 folder. Daedalus recognises most roms formats (.v64, .z64,
    .rom etc) and will also run roms compressed within .zip files (Note : this feature is experimental)

    You can also place your roms on the following directory,
    within the \N64\ directory on your PSP. Note that this is in the
    *root* directory of your PSP ( ms0:\N64\ )

    When Daedalusx64 boots with a zipped rom, for performance reasons it
    will attempt to decompress it to a temporary file on your memory
    stick before execution. If you are low on free space, it is
    recommended that you keep the original rom file on your PC, and
    manually extract the rom to your Roms directory.

    Note: Please keep in mind these releases aren't marked as stable builds, but are works-in- progress using the latest SVN sources. They may/may not be stable or buggy.
    If you need roms, google is your friend
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