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Thread: Corrupted HDD games

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    Corrupted HDD games

    Hi. As the title says it, I got a problem with the games that I rip on my HDD.

    Here's a couple info on what I got:

    Wii 4.2u
    HDD Seagate Expansion 250gig
    USB Loader GX
    Cios38 ver 14

    It's the third time that the problem occurs.

    When I rip games directly from the Wii to the HDD, everything works ok.
    I can play them no problem.
    It's been a month or so that I've been playing those games and yesterday, I
    installed Metroid other M and ALL the other games stopped working.
    I can launch them, the games start screen appears, but the games freeze when I
    start playing. For example: Zelda, the game freeze after selecting the game to load,
    Mario Kart when the race is about to start, etc.
    After deleting Mario Kart and reinstalling it, it worked.

    Thanks for any advice you can give me to solve my problem.

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    I don't know if this will help but it seems that everyone on here says to use rev 17 on cios.

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    I don't think rev17 will help. I have seen this problem before and have even experienced it myself. I don't know of a fix other then reinstalling the game.

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    You could always make the change to CFG USB Loader. It seems to be one of the more popular USB loaders on this site. I suppose there could have been something that happened with your GX that made it change, although it could also be the HDD itself, as mentioned above. Try the .dol version of CFG (so you don't add anything to your wii itself) and see if the games will work with it. If they do, then it will save you the money of a new HDD if you continue to use it. Otherwise, either follow the above advice or maybe try another loader.
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