For SUNDRIVER IDE+CF and SATA and SunDisk version v12 released!


#1. Add the ability of backup DVD in the NGC menu, can backup to SunDisk flash or SunDriver HDD.
#2. Now Can sort the Game Name / ID / Region / Size / Cover / Filename in the PC APP

Now we have the perfect Wii MOD+HDD solution finally --- SunDisk!
* Very small size, just bigger than a MOD chip a little
* Support Wii Disc, include the backup or original
* Support Sun-Iso compress ISOs, 8~64GB SSD can keep many ISOs inside
* Support all firmware and all regions
* Can backup the Wii DVD to SunDisk 8~64GBSSD on the NGC menu, and can upload to PC

Here is the Sun-Iso download link : D2SUN universal 6 wires modchip for ALL Nintendo WII! With nero dual programmer