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Thread: Stupid Updates....

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    Stupid Updates....

    Here's what I'm running

    Wii Software Version 4.2U SoftModded
    HomeBrew Channel Version 1.0.6
    Wad Manager 1.5
    WiiMC 1.1.0
    USB Loader GX 1.0 r866

    Never had a problem and everything has worked fine up until tonight. WiiMC has been bugging me to do an update everytime I start it for the last two weeks. I had a video file I was trying to play from my laptop and it kept crashing and reloading the homebrew channel. Some files would work and others wouldn't so I assumed I needed to do the update of WiiMC. It downloaded and installed to update and now nothing is working correctly. When I try to run WiiMC it tells me:

    The current IOS has been altered (face-signed) functionality and/or stability maybe adversely affected.

    It then locks up the Wii and there is no recovering without a power cycle.

    Now my USB Loader GX was hanging during loading. As I was about to load it to post the error message it magically started working. Now it seems that the WiiMC is the only thing not working. Any ideas???? The USB Loader GX was saying something to the effect that IOS 236 was not found loading IOS 36 and then hanging on USB wake up.

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    downgrade to wiimc 1.0.6

    or install ios 58 then update to hbc 1.0.8 and use wiimc 1.1.0


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