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Thread: Wii w/D2pro and softmad...semi bricked?

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    Wii w/D2pro and softmad...semi bricked?


    I have a Wii with system menu 4.1 (recently downgraded from accidental online update of 4.3). My problem is that I thought it may be a wise idea to softmod my wii with homebrew channel and other apps while also having a modchip installed. Tonight I ran into some issues and I think I may have semibricked my wii. I dont get an error but the wii freezes when I go into the settings or data management screens. The audio still plays like normal but the scrren is frozen. I also noticed that the only games that will now read are my non-backups. Any help on if there is a unbricking tool or a factory reset disk? Does anyone know how I can reset all the Cios to the factory norm so I can justuse my D2Pro modchip?


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    there is a guide to solve a semi-brick.
    would stay with the softmod alongside.
    the brick is from an out of region disc update. (with proper softmodding you should have priilloader installed with it you can block disc and online updates).
    also if you only did your downgrade but didn't mod properly your cios is gone.
    i would run through the softmod any wii guide linked below, to make everything work, softmod alongside with proper IOS in place to run games with the chip.

    if you want to remove everything, there is a guide in the recommended guides section or other guides section. youll find it, but not really needed in your case.

    good luck

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