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Thread: #002 Error with Kirby's Epic Yarn

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    #002 Error with Kirby's Epic Yarn

    I have a NTSC Wii, 4.1, with a Drivekey with original firmware. When I try to load Kirby's Epic Yarn, I can see it in the home screen, and can load the title screen from the home menu, but after hitting start I get the blue screen #002 Error.

    I remember getting the exact same error with SMG2, and I needed to do an ios update (I think) to get it working.

    I'm guessing Kirby has the same issue. Does anyone know for sure what needs to be done to get Kirby working? My son is going nuts waiting to play it! Thanks.

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    Tried loading the game via Gecko OS and it worked. I totally forgot I had to do this with SMG2 also!


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