EA is bringing some of its biggest properties to iOS, the company revealed during a recent presentation at the Apple Store in Ginza, Tokyo. Aside from the numerous titles already revealed last week, EA is currently working on ports of Dead Space 2, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, and even an ad-supported, subscription-optional version of Pogo, the company's casual online games portal. There will also be an EA Active presence on Apple's devices, as well as a version of Monopoly.

Also, the other properties EA has lined up include an adaptation of the board game Pictureka! and a new racer called Reckless -- formerly known as Deliverace. If you're wondering, "Why the name change?" then clearly you've never spent time on the Cahulawassee River. Nobody wants to be reminded of that "vacation."

For images of some of these newly-revealed games, head on over to 4Gamer.
Source- 4gamer