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Thread: Mario Kart Ocarnia

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    Question Mario Kart Ocarnia

    I am trying to do what ChrisChown said here:

    I am up to the part where it says "Export to GCT"

    Can Someone help me please!!!
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    when you export to GCT (its a button, OR in Menu -> File) save it on your desktop (or select your drive that the SD card is in), then in your SD card make a file/folder called codes(ignore this step if you exported straight to SD). place the GCT in there, (what game are you trying to use? is it PAL or NTSC?)
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    Here to help in anyway shape and or form (or at least try, ive been out of the wii scene for quite a while)

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    theres a buttom at the bottom that says export as gct, then you select the SD card and click export and it will work

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    I got all that. I am now at the part where I need Zelda Twighlight Princess. Do I really need it? I am trying to hack mario kart wii.

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    I rented Zelda and Installed the Homebrew Channel. How do I get Ocarnia On to the Wii? I tried Moving ocarnia into the SD folder but it didn't go on to the wii. HELP!!!

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    make sure the file is Boot.dol or elf, if youre using HBC beta 9 it must be dol there is a convertor but it needs to be boot for it to show

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    I am a noob and Have no Idea what you mean.

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    their file names -.-
    usually they name the boot file what the program is, just change it to boot, and if you have 9 it must be a .Dol so you must convert the elf via the elf to dol convertor

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