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Thread: Kirby's Epic Yarn - Runs, but I get disc error at file select...

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    Kirby's Epic Yarn - Runs, but I get disc error at file select...

    So, I got Kirby's Epic Yarn (NTSC-J), patched (since I didn't even know the US one was out yet) and so I burned the iso like normal and put it in my Wii.
    I loaded it with the latest version of NeoGamma, and it runs fine.
    Until the file select screen. I choose a file to play, and then it starts loading.
    After like 5 seconds of loading, I get a black screen with japanese letters (disc-reading error, probably).
    Anyone have any idea why this happens?
    I've tried all 3 files, just in case, but there's no difference.
    What can I do?

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    Kirby's Epic Yarn Problem

    I have a 4.3u softmodded wii and i know i have done it successfully because i can play my backup's with ease. But when it comes to Kirby's Epic yarn it seems to freeze everytime at the loading screen when i try to start a new game. Now i've burned it onto a DVD and used Neogamma with the same issue. I also used USB Loader GX which gave the same problem. Any help would be appreciated

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    Try forcing another region.

    Kirbys epic yarn did this for me until I forced PAL (I have a PAL wii) then it worked fine.
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    right but my wii is NTSC and the game is NTSC as well

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    I have the same problemwith Kirby's Epic Yarn too. It stuck when I select new file to start to play and display message saying "The disc could not be read. Refer to the Wii Operations Manual for details". I am using 4.0u. I dunno how to force PAL or NTSC.

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    We are discussing the same problem here ( No luck yet. Have u found any solutions already?

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    Quote Originally Posted by myahbeng View Post

    We are discussing the same problem here
    Good point, threads merged (no reason to have two ongoing ones).

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    Yeah, I managed to fix the problem.
    What I did was put it on a USB-drive and load it via NeoGamma.
    It really wasn't harder than that. But with a disc, it didn't work at all.

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    Us Kirby's Epic Yarn

    I am using wiiflow and it will load fine and play untill cool cave starts and then it freezes. 4.1u
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    Re-rip from your original disc.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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