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Thread: Getting Impatient!

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    Getting Impatient!

    I ordered my D2PRO9 and WII Clip 17th November and its Sunday and I'm getting really impatient. I know Canadian Post is closed Saturday-Sunday and U.S Postal is closed on Sunday. So I think I will be getting it tomorrow. This is what usually happens when I order something like a modchip. It takes to much time and when I get it and install it I need something else like software.

    Do I have all the stuff to just open my wii clip it in and play backups? I ordered a presoldered D2PRO9 + Wii Clip + both screwdrivers. If anyone has ordered screwdrivers from Canadian Mods Are they megnetic.

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    their semi magnetic since too much could destroy the system, if you have both screwdrivers, the wiiclip soldered to the chip, and know how to open a wii, all you need are ISO's, and blank dvd's, as long as you have that youll be fine, though not every dvd works on every drive, it seems to be a case by case thing for more info on just about everything go here


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