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Thread: I hacked my wii but I can't download USB Loader GX

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    I hacked my wii but I can't download USB Loader GX

    So first I tried this method to hack it :
    but when I reached the last step it required a GC controller which I didn't have
    then I followed this method :
    منتديات مكسات - مشاهدة مشاركة بصفحة مستقلة - Wii {HD Full Hack 4.2} & [Semi Brick Fix] All Regions
    and everything went well until I tried to download USB Loader GX
    everytime I choose Datamanagement > Channels > SD card .. the Wii stops working and I have to turn it off
    So what should I do now ?

    * I know the two methods are written in Arabic but I hope the photos illustrate everythings
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    @Kholoud - we support our own guides here. If you are unable to access your SD card without the Wii freezing I suggest you first make a backup of that SD card. Then, reformat the card as FAT32 using the Full format option not the Quick format. Now, you should be able to boot your Wii normally, access that SD card without a freeze.

    Now you can create an Apps folder on that SD card and keep any homebrew applications you want to use in that folder. Wad Manager and Homebrew Browser are useful applications. You can now download USB Loader and install from that SD card. The USB Loader GX folder should be placed in the Apps folder like so: SD:\Apps\USBLoaderGX\boot.dol. Now USB Loader GX should be displayed on the HBC menu.


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