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Thread: Wii Party 4.3u?

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    Wii Party 4.3u?

    Hi, Is it Wii Party trying to update my system to 4.3? I only have drivekey installed, no softmod, does this 4.3u affect Drivekey play backup Disks?
    Currently on 4.2u with Drivekey First Generation.

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    Hi, There is an update on Wii Party which has updated my system to 4.3E. it took 3 attempts to update as it kept saying failed after the update had finished, but i kept trying and the 3rd attempt worked a treat. Quality Game tho


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    I have got 4.2e with drivekey. I tried to play Wii Party and it ask me to do the update. Is it safe to do the update and all other games will still work?

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    Yup all Mine work

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    Quote Originally Posted by xpider View Post
    Yup all Mine work
    hey man thats good to hear urs all work. I been trying to play black ops and its asking me to update as well, so i just wanna make sure that if i update my drivekey will still work and will play alll the back-up games i have ( i have all NTSC USA games). also is there any risk of brickin?? (sorry im kinda new at this)
    thanks a lot man

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    Hiya, your not updating your drivekey, your updating your Wii firmware. The drivekey should have the anti brick option selected in the drivekey menu. and as long as your update is Ntsc usa and not any other region yo should be fine lol

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    Xpider, I am just thinking why it took you 3 attempts to update the wii software. Is it not because the option in the drivekey menu is set to block the upgrade? Maybe we should change the option only for doing the upgrade and let the console to upgrade the software?

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    btw....i bought my wii from someone else...

    i was so excited i dled donkey kong installed the update and it worked fine...

    than when i tried playing games that he burnt...they stopped working...

    I believe if you update to 4.3 or even 4.2 other region games will stop working.


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