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Thread: Help!!! My IPOD Nano Keeps going through song list and fails to play

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    Question Help!!! My IPOD Nano Keeps going through song list and fails to play

    Please help, my ipod started going through the entire playlist of songs super fast, and fails to play more then 3 mili seconds of any song if i manage to make it stop long enough. my menu button hasnt been working either so i cant put into disk mode or reset it even!!!
    what do i do?

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    Try to restore your iPod Nano using iTunes. Try that and see if it fixes your problem.

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    I had a similar problem before. Except not the system menu having problems... What happened to mine is that it couldnt play an album and it skipped it entirely. I took it off and it was solved.

    Anyway, I suggest restoring it through iTunes. If it still doesn't work, send it to Apple.

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    Had a problem with my music not playing it would just bounce back to the menu so I re sync my music and all is good

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    Actually, don't send it to Apple. First, see if there is any locals who can solve your problem if you can't. Apple's service fees cost about the same price as the iPod nano itself so you could buy a new one...

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