As some of you may have read over the past few weeks, I happen to be on a vacation in ShenZhen (China) where all flashcarts -among many other electronic products- are made. Today I've had the chance to meet someone who's been very influential on the flashcart scene for the past few years, namely Romman. He is the sales manager of the Supercard Team, and also the man behind the Supercard DSTWO (he came up with the idea, so he says). I took advantage of the situation and asked him a few questions about the card and the team in general.

The first thing he showed me was the Supercard DSTWO video player. It's not a secret anymore: the iPlayer, slot-1 flashcart dedicated to multimedia and homebrew only, is the Supercard's older sister. It was only a matter of time before the DSTWO's embedded CPU allowed the same video playback capabilities as the iPlayer: DivX, WMV and other formats, all natively played back on the Nintendo DS.
Romman took a DSi XL/LL out of his pocket and took me by surprise, allowing me to toy around with the video player for about 10 minutes. I got the chance to try multiple videos that he had preloaded on the card. The interface was entirely in Chinese so unfortunately I wasn't able to read much about the options, though as far as I could tell:

* WMV and AVI files are supported, probably a bunch of other formats too but I didn't get a chance to try them
* I tried a 640x480 25fps DivX video and it played back perfectly
* All the videos on the card played back perfectly without slowdowns or stuttering
* There's a 2 or 3 seconds delay when opening up a video, nothing too bad really.

Of course the next question is: when will it be released? To me it seemed perfectly enjoyable already, although I didn't get to explore the options/settings at all. Romman said it would probably get relased next week or by the end of the month, though he didn't seem to want to promise anything. That's awesome news for all Supercard DSTWO owners, all the amazing promised features are coming true: GBA emulator, SNES emulator, native DivX player, etc.

There are other exciting news: the Supercard Team has offered to sponsor the Homebrew Bounty in multiple ways. They will be donating amazing prizes and there's a lot more to it, but I can't say too much for now. We'll be working hard on this, and we'll get the Homebrew Bounty started as soon as possible with more exclusive announcements!
Source- GBAtemp