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Thread: NTSC games on PAL wii ?

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    Question NTSC games on PAL wii ?

    Hi all.

    im just wondering if itś possible to play NTSC games on a PAL wii, i tried it out yesterday with the "region free" (or whatever it was called) option checked, but no luck =/.

    The game i tried was Naruto 3 <-- if that makes any difference

    Best Regards

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    This could have probably been searched for, but I am feeling nice and will waste the bandwidth productively to answer you.

    I assume Naruto 3 is an actual disk, and I assume for the purpose of this response that you are using a USB loader. I also assume you purchased the game online and had it imported. I know in USB Loader GX and in CFG USB Loader you can set the game options to force Pal. I am NTSC personally, so I do not know the difference between PAL 50 and PAL 60, but I suppose you might know the difference. If not, try one, then the other.
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    tried allmost everything, but it does not seem to help ... might actually be the game though, gonna try another game and see =P

    thx for the reply btw

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    Forcing the video should work. also should give another loader a shot. Wiiflow is awesome and Ithian has a guide on it. Wiiflow Installation and Settings is what it's called I believe. Keep messing with the region options and don't rule out a bad iso.

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    have a read this may help you out

    AnyRegion Changer - WiiBrew
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    Follow Junkmail's advice. Do not Use Any Region changer as suggested above. You don't need to change the region of your wii to play out of region games.

    (Although....I reccomended using the original games from your region)
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