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Thread: Please help, stuck on PriiLoader (Preloader 0.30) URGENT

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    Please help, stuck on PriiLoader (Preloader 0.30) URGENT

    Hi guys

    I'm totally in a panick at the mo, I'm stuck on Priiloader and cant get back to Wii at all

    i followed the Thread: New 3.1-4.1 Softmod for ANY Wii guide and came up to problems when on priiloader, i'm totally stuck there

    None of the options work
    IOS v15
    Systemmenu v450
    Priiloader v0.3b (r48m)

    Console is 4.1E

    i cant go to System Menu as says Error autobooting and not get TMD size
    homebrew channel says maybe title not installed (defo is)
    all others dont work eiher

    Can i save console? i have nand.bin

    Please help

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    I'm right here
    do you have bootmii as boot2?
    you can check when you turn on your console, does the drive light flash twice quickly? or once

    did you have any forwarder channels installed?

    does ios15 systemmenu rev450 show up on priiloader?
    looks like you don't have the system menu ios installed then
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    If you can boot into priiloader, you can fix the wii and with your NAND.bin you can get it repaired if the worst happens and you totally brick it and don't have bootmii as boot2. So first step is to calm down and not panic... Panic leads to mistakes and if you don't have bootmii as boot2, you need to be very careful with what you do so you don't make things worse.

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    Read this guide and see if it fits your situation. Sounds like it to me.
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