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Thread: Wii Scrubber on Mac OSX

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    Wii Scrubber on Mac OSX

    Things Needed (All things will be taught how to build in tutorial)
    - GitHub Installer (Download Here)
    - cMake Source Code (Will show how using Git in tutorial)
    - XCode (Download Here)
    - Knowledge of
    - WiiScrubber NG

    Please note, I'm expecting that you've already installed XCode and GitHub successfully before doing this tutorial. It does not cover installing these two!

    Step 1 - Installing cMake
    Open up (It's in Applications -> Utilities)
    1. Do this command to download the cMake source code;
    git clone git://
    2. Once its completely done, do this;
    cd cMake
    3. Now to configure;
    4. Next do this once configure is done;
    5. Once make is done, do this;
    sudo make install
    You should be prompted to enter your Account password, even though when you type it nothing shows, Terminal is accepting it. Once install is done without any error. Proceed to the next step.

    Step 2 - Making and Installing WiiScrubber NG
    1. First, let's download the source;
    git clone
    2. Once it's done, go into the directory via Terminal;
    cd wiiscrubber-ng
    3. Then make a new directory with Terminal
    mkdir compiled
    4. Go into that directory;
    cd compiled
    5. Time to use cmake;
    cmake ..
    6. Now, to make the final;
    7. Now to install it as a system command;
    sudo cp src/wiiscrubber /usr/bin
    8. Please note, before scrubbing ISOs, the Wii key.bin file must be placed in the same directory as the ISO.

    You'll be prompted to enter your password. Do it. Enjoy WiiScrubber on your Mac. Sorry, its only a command-line tool.

    wiiscrubber -s input-file -o output-file
    Where input-file is the location of the .iso and output-file is where the scrubbed .iso will be saved.

    An example;
    wiiscrubber -s /Shadow/Desktop/Mario.iso -o /Shadow/Desktop/Mario-scrubbed.iso
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    Question Trimming an ISO?

    First off, thank you for making this post! I like doing as much as I can from my Mac side without having to go into Parallels. I noticed in the command where you used wiiscrubber -s. I assume -s is for Scrub. Would -t trim it, or is there a different way to do that? Also, I think I'm right about this, but Scrubbing removes updates from the ISO, and trimming removes the unnecessary data, right? I'd like to know how to trim an ISO, I need to save as much space as possible on my HD, not much left.

    Thank you,
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