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Thread: [HELP!!!] Does anyone install wiikey2 on D2B with leg-cut?

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    [HELP!!!] Does anyone install wiikey2 on D2B with leg-cut(wii: 3.4U)?

    Today, I tried to install wiikey2 on D2B leg-cut wii (Upgraded to 3.4U). But it won't work. 1)with 5 wires, CD spins but original Games and burned Games can not be loaded. Always got system error. 2)with 6 wires, CD won't spin. I even can not insert disks.

    Any help? Thanks a lot.
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    what color sticker does your chip have? if it is white, then connect all points (9 wires total) and if it is yellow leave out points D, E, and F.

    Another problem might be that you updated it to version 3.4, so see if you can downgrade it somehow.

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    The wiikey2 is yellow sticker. So I think 5-wires installation is correct. I searched the forum and did not find any post or info shows wiiley 2 can not be used with 3.4U firmware. Please help.

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    I have read some posts advising not to upgrade to 3.4 fw. Might be a good idea to try to downgrade again and set chip to not accept updates when you get it going

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    Any post on how to downgrade the wii from 3.4 to 3.3? Thanks.

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    5 wire install is correct.
    Most likely, it's your install, not the firmware, as the modchip modifies the drive, not the main motherboard.
    Try resoldering the points.
    The wiikey2 should light blue then red then no light when you insert backup disc.

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    And what Johnz45 says is right..
    Once is done correctly red & blue will flash,
    then no light and ready to go...

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    I have a leg cut wii in Oz with a wiikey2 modchip installed, I have firmware 3.4 and every game I've got so far works fine.


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