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Thread: Hack wii 4.3

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    Hack wii 4.3

    Hello on my wii i have install the homebrew channel but i don't know how to install a "wiigame" i have only the homebrew channel.Tell my how to install a game whit the homebrew channel.Tell my the link and other please.
    I have:
    -SD Card
    -Wii 4.3
    -The homebrew channel install on my wii

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    Hello koupa,
    just stop by in the introduction section and say politely hello there to get some useful starter/beginner links.

    it takes a little bit more to run games than having the hbc on your wii, even though that is good.

    if you want to have a good read (and that is needed before you should continue on modding), use the softmod basics link below, maybe that helps too.

    never listen to youtube videos, it sounds like you used one to mod your wii, as you only have the hbc and don't know how to continue..

    good luck
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