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Thread: Help. Trying to refresh Wii

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    Help. Trying to refresh Wii

    Hi, I bought my wii several years ago. I modchipped it and just over a year ago i softmodded it and removed chip. Quite a few new games are failing to play, my usb loader doesn't work. I can't remember which guide i used and which ios's I installed, etc...
    The plan was to wipe the slate clean and start a fresh. however that doesn't appear to be the best soloution. So i thought i'd run a tutorial again. However I've got one post saying to make wii virgin i should update to 4.1 and then i should

    " If you have preloader/dvdx run NAND Clean and it will go through all the files it's going to delete one at a time and ask you if you want to delete them, say yes to all of them. ONLY RUN THIS AFTER YOU HAVE UPDATED, IT WILL CAUSE PROBLEMS IF YOU HAVEN'T!"

    However on the softmod guide it says

    "From the HBC menu, run Firmware Updater 4.1. DO NOT install Priiloader until you have updated as it will cause untold problems!"

    Should I update?
    I currently have menu 3.2e

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    you dont need to virginize you wii and start fresh use this guide and dont skip any steps and you will sorted, if it only certain game try a quick search for that game, some games need a little more work than others

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