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Thread: NBA Jam, The Bigs 2

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    NBA Jam, The Bigs 2, Sengoku Basara

    First off, i'm having issues when I try to load these two games. I get a disc read error after reaching the logo (Sometimes black screens). These are the only games i've had issues with so far after burning about 20+ other games. The discs are the same along with all the IOS, backup loader etc. (Tried with Neogamma and Uloader,up to date)
    Was hoping someone could help. Thanks

    Update: Got NBA Jam working but the bigs 2 is still doing the same ol'.

    Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes: I just burnt it few times and it runs fine but disc read error pops up mid game. Not sure if there's a fix for it considering it's new but any insight would be helpful.
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    I can confirm that NBA Jam works on softmodded Wii ver 4.1 using Neogamma 8.0. Initially it froze at the start screen and sent me to the message saying there was something wrong with the disc. But after cleaning it it loads fine. Burned with ImgBurn 2x - Phillips dvd-R. Did not alter any settings in Neogamma.


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