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Thread: need sum noob love with snes9xGX

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    need sum noob love with snes9xGX

    hello im looking for some noob lovein ...i want my snes9xGX emu a channel..and i dont know how to do that ..the only way i can get to it is by puting in my SD card...2nd ...when i downloaded this emu from homebrew i was thinking it was going to come with a ton of old snes games...i saw some utube vid and this guy had a huge library of snes games / covers he was fliping thru ..i want that! tell me this is possible and the steps i should take ..ty vm =)

    oh if there is a tut. on this site could you direct new so be nice ty!

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    Well, you are on your own as far as getting roms. truth is your wii memory isn't gonna hold that much and you are gonna need an sd card or usb device to store these things anyway.
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    oh ok..and how do i make this a channel? can u guide me? is it hard?

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    IMO you are better off leaving it as an app you launch through the homebrew channel rather than a channel itself because it is updated so much. If you absolutely need something on your Wii menu to launch SNES9X GX install a forwarder instead. Also if you want the cover version from the first post it is a non-official build found here. I would stay away from it though because it's based off a way old version of the emulator. If you update to the most recent version of the emulator as it will prompt you to do every time you start it you will lose the ability to launch from covers. If you want to keep the cover option you have to live with an outdated version of SNES9X GX. Like oddgriffin said you're on your own with the ROMs.

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    try here


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