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Thread: Firmware update not neccessary for gamecube backups?

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    Question Firmware update not neccessary for gamecube backups?

    First off i would like to say i have been reading this site for a long time and i really try to search but sometimes i just cant find my answers, and i have decided to ask one question.

    If all i want the sundriver to do is play gamecube backups, do i need to even bother buying a nero dual programmer?

    I have a sundriver on the way but i dont wanna spend the extra cash on programmer since i just bought a new bed ><

    I mean, with usbloader softmods supporting bigger drives than what a 2.5 is capable of, why would this drive have wii backups on it at all, right?.

    Im assuming both can work at the same time since the system is made to think the disk is actually in the tray with sundriver.

    bonus question: does this mean in usbloader gx i could hit install game and it copy from sundriver to usb drive if it was for wii???

    just a useless thought for the second one hehee

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    I can't make any comments about a sundriver as I don't know enough about them.
    But I know you cant do anything with usb and gamecube.
    When you put a GC disk in, your wii switches to gamecube mode, and since GCs never had usb support, this isn't possible.
    You should make a post in the intro section of the forum as this is your first post.
    Post and you'll get a response with a lot of usefull info and links.

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    clearly you have misunderstood. a sundriver is a hard drive that isnt usb hooked right into your mainbaord in place of laser with an adapter bascially in lamemans terms.
    It just so happens that said hard drive hooks into a pc with a usb cable... not the wii.
    AND YES, IT BOOTS GAMECUBE BACKUPS off a 2.5 (laptop) hard drive.

    what i was saying was that usb loaders work for wii games, so why bother putting them on the sundriver...'

    my question was is the firmware update required... and my answer that i have found, after almost giving up, is that the firmware update is for the BCA protected wii games or something.

    lol but thanks for trying to answer a question u know nothing about >____<

    my question

    (edit) i thought i read that in the rules, but wasnt sure since i know a lot already about this kind of thing, if i should introduce anything,.

    and as far as i can tell it is only neccessary for wii games so i should be fine without the cable ^^

    and by cable i mean programmer ><

    Sorry to edit again but to sum it up:
    Question: Does the sundriver need to have a firmware update with a nero dual programmer to improve gamecube loading...

    Apparent Answer: Firmware update is for wii games like nsmb wii so it shouldnt matter...

    Question 2: Silly question but if you loaded a wii game to the sundriver, made it appear in the disc channel after selecting it in the sundriver games list, then went into usbloader gx and hit install game, would it copy over to the other drive?

    And yes, obviously the gamecube mode has shut off to the wii usb: but at first they didnt think mios was possible... but this isnt the section for any talk of that...
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    Yeah after that post I went back to look at sundriver.
    I thought you meant external HD, and you're right, you never know what they'll figure out next.

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    i know the second i heard about it on irc i was like we are there dude. then i ordered one, but ill be damned if i wanted to buy the programmer too, at least not for the time being.

    unless of course i can sell my now useless drivekey, or maybe ill just keep that with the dvd drive in the wii box

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    firmware update

    I don't know if you have managed to find an appropriate answer for this post,so i wil tell you what i have been doing.

    I have been running the sundisk on the original firmware along with the pc app version 2.3 solely for gamecube games along with a usb external hard drive for wii back up games using wiiflow soft mod without any problems.

    You do not need the programmer to update firmware for gc games.
    But remember that any game installed will take up 4.7gb of space no matter the size of the game, this is fixed with the new firmware but if space is not an issue then you have no problems with the old firmware.

    Hope this helps.

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    yah i updated the thing, but now im at a loss trying to figure out the streaming audio... does it work with sundriver? it doesnt seem so. ikaruga keeps looping to beginning of game. is this going to be in firmware updates?

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    DOH! Ikaruga does not work with the sun driver.
    It's the only game I have that doesn't (that I've found).
    It's also one of the few games I want to play now and then. will there be a fix for this? or is there a patch for Ikaruga that will let it bypass the audio check? (or whatever causes it to restart to the beginning).


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