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Thread: what else needs to be done?

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    what else needs to be done?

    iv softmoded my wii works great! what else needs to be done? do i need to goto homebrew and add more apps or is there more "needed" apps or programs..i read other posts and i c differant versions of the programs / apps that i have seen on my homebrew "some lower and some higher" and i c people talking about games and certain program / app that they use to play it ...should i have those too? im far i have aquired 1 game and played flawlessly...but it was a GCube game..cant seem to get any wii titles to play "from a disc" useing r+ if it matters...can someone message me on a how to maybe put games from pc to sd card..iv been looking everywhere and google seems to be an endless deadend for me and youtube is full of tards that make their vids with songs playing and dont explain rdy to start game soo bad...bad i think im just doing something wronge..but im close..any help would be greatful ty
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    Ok, neogamma is your best bet for this.
    Get wbfs manager installed onto your pc and format the sd card and load a game onto it.
    Neogamma needs to be installed as a channel. Change the option of "load games from disk" to "load games from sd card"
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    get neogamma from the blue link in my sig. to install it use wad manager. itīs better if you use dvd -r, better quality. also, some games need cIOS 223/222 to be stted before playing, get a uloader app/wad, it will read your discs and you will be able to set cIOS 222/223 when you want to play that kind of games

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    How to play out of region games (disc playing) Neogamma
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    i do have neogamma .. i belive..the channel i was on said neogamma r8 ..i'll report back tv show is on! lol

    great i went to walmart and bought r- media fine ty vm for help!
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