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Thread: A consult about Rock Band 2 Cymbals - Move if needed -

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    Red face A consult about Rock Band 2 Cymbals - Move if needed -

    I saw on amazon these watchamacallits: Rock Band 2 Triple Cymbal Expansion Kit: Video Games

    I'm interested on these because I saw them on a store around here. And really cheap, 20 bucks or something like that.

    If I buy them, can I use them to "make" them Guitar Hero drums? If so, I'm SO buying this.

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    I prefered the RB2 drums over GH:wt drums. On rockband, the cymbols dont add notes. They are the same 'color' as 3 of the pads, so they don't register any different. They look cool, and made me feel like a rockstar, but I ended up taking mine off(thats what she said), and buying the GoodWood mod pack. A little pricey, but made a world of difference for me.
    Now- Take this how you will. I play RB2 on the Xbox360. shhh....don't tell

    edit:BTW thanks for the advice earlier
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