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Thread: Raving Rabbids Party wont load from USB HDD

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    Raving Rabbids Party wont load from USB HDD

    I have ripped my original version of Raving Rabbids Party to my HDD, but when i go through the USB Loader it gets to the screen to select which Raving Rabbids game to play, then goes back to the Wii menu. All my other games load up fine, just this one. Any ideas. Thanks

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    Talking any news?

    any luck? i have the same problem...!

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    You have to load it via alt dol from disc.

    When you do there will be 4 options 3 of them the games the other, will be named like rr1, rr2, rr3 (something along those lines). The last option I have no clue what it is for.

    I couldn't get mine to load the dols in usb loader GX, kept freezing on the select alt option. But with cfg loader it works fine.
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