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Thread: DriveKey + PAL Nintendo Wii 4.1E new games wont work

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    DriveKey + PAL Nintendo Wii 4.1E new games wont work

    I've tried 2-3 new games, and they all show up in the Wii Home, but when I run them the console just stops.

    Any idea?

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    Missing ios.....

    What are the games your trying to play...

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    For example Grease. Just says and error has occured when I launch it.

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    Just get that black screen and white text saying a error has occured.

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    Hi, all the latest games run fine on my Wii, its 4.3E on a Drivekey. (no Softmod) but i do find that if i burn my games using Verbs -R on my Macbook they always play, but if i burn them using my PC they are alittle hit n Miss :-(

    Hope it helps

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