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Thread: HackWiiFlow: Wiiflow gets Ripped Off? (Updated)

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    HackWiiFlow: Wiiflow gets Ripped Off? (Updated)

    Final Update

    It looks like, for now, this issue has reached a resolution:

    Quote Originally Posted by r-win
    Alright, my 2 cents on the topic of hackwiiflow.

    I find it pretty amusing that it goes THIS far. Of course, I'm not happy with the way how hackwiiflow was brought to the public on the forum. The author of hackwiiflow is said to be xabby666, and he altered the credits screen to remove our names. But I think those issues can be resolved. Give credit where credit is due, and you can fix that.

    Also, there is nothing wrong with using the source of wiiflow for another project. Actually, Miigotu and I discussed that earlier. You can take the source, and use it. For whatever. A lot of code in wiiflow is from other software, including USB Loader GX, CFG Loader USB, WiiXplorer, etc. etc. etc. It's a pretty long list. We, however, try to give a complete list of credits.

    So, as far as I'm concerned (but I always was the friendly one ):
    1. Fix the credits (including the applications which donated source code). Also be clear about the theme authors, since your full pack contains themes by wiiflow themers (Spidy1000, Benjay, Jiiwah, etc. etc.). IMO it would be best to leave our credit screen, and add your name to it. Also fix the authors on the site. Finally, continue to help the noobs over there, since they are all users of the great loader which Hibern gave us.
    2. Continue with your hacks project, but be clear about the original sources and the patches you've applied.

    On another note, I have to admit, that this incident has made us more careful about the source code that we write and change in wiiflow. A lot of code which is included in hackwiiflow is experimental. To prevent errors or bugs, based on unreleased code, we are going to do things the CFG Loader way. That means, that from now on, our code will be committed to a private source control server. When we release a version of wiiflow (not alpha or beta, but full release), we will make the source code of the previous version public. And no, you cannot get access. We do realize that this will prevent people from sending us patches, and that this will also delay new releases of hackwiiflow, but that's they way it's gonna be for now.

    @xabby666: it was never our intention that you removed the thread (well, maybe initially :P). We just want proper credit for the work we (and others) put in. By removing that, you've choosen to hide (a part of) the real authors. In doing so, you gave us a disadvantage. That's what's bothering us. In my personal opinion, it's nothing you can't fix.
    Quote Originally Posted by xabby666
    Thanks r-win. I want to be clear. I've removed part of credits for add free hd space in the about menu, it was a mistake. I apologize to everyone, was not my intention to harm anyone.

    Thanx for your work, I'm sorry to be the cause of the policy change from the team for the source releases.
    The following is a statement from the GBATemp forums by user mugotu (aka miigotu one of the tops on the Wiiflow project).

    Quote Originally Posted by mugotu
    It has been brought to our attention that xabby666 has been releasing "HackWiiflow" as his own, calling our changes as his, with the quote "Developed by myself" and other atrocities.

    Simply changing the name of something and the download order to a different language in no way means it is yours. This is very disappointing that he is using r-win and I's code and changes without credit, and also not making the source available to the public as it uses GPL code. I'll just make it clear that this port is against gpl and we would like ppl to respect our credit. Otherwise my future changes will be in private patch form and will not be in any SVN. Bottom line, MY code is MY code and you better give me credit for it, and give the same respect to r-win or anyone else on the wiiflow team. The source must also be made available (if nothing more than to just discredit his claim that it is his) or some things will change very soon.

    EDIT: He has removed our credits from the about screen, removed the updater, and removed ntfs and fat32 support, and makes everything DL in italian by default, nothing more.

    My post on Forum • Leggi argomento - HackWiiFlow
    Quote Originally Posted by Miigotu
    Removing credits from the source? illegal. Claiming changes as your own? illegal. Not including the source? illegal.

    You will see that everything he claims to have coded himself is 99% mine and r-win's code... you can see that here: Changes - wiiflow - Project Hosting on Google Code ... 5343604499 ... 5343570094

    Wiiflow is extremely stable, having more to offer than this junk, and having ALOT more fixed in it than this.
    Downloads - wiiflow - Project Hosting on Google Code

    Also our forum is here: WiiFlow - an open source GUI USB-Loader - where you will see all the real answers to your questions are being answered when xabby666 asks us for you. There are a few italian people there who speak english really well also to help you if you are having a hard time asking something.
    Now to be fair user xabby666 is unavailable for comment, but many members of the forum are claiming this is merely a misunderstanding and that, while HackWiiFlow was heavily inspired by Wiiflow, it in no way constitutes a "theft of code."

    Quote Originally Posted by xabby666
    Sorry, i've deleted the thread. But i've specified in the thread on hackwii that this is a mod of the official team, with little differences. In an initial release the difference was the implementation of hermes v5, and i gave the sources to r-win in Feb 16 2010. Remember this my small contribution if you want.

    Now, excuse me, i've make a mistake to modify credits, will not happen again, and if you want to see sources i give you this evening.

    Now, i've understand that the language differences but i admit here and an Italian site in more posts that hackwiiflow is the official wiiflow little mod, and now is dead. Sorry for this incident. If you want to see the source, i send you this evening.

    Anyway I deleted the thread and did not restore. Do not worry, your sources will no longer use the excuse to release anything and still have all my respect.

    Ps. Developed by myself is referred to the mods applied, in a first moments was the hermes v5 ehcmodule when wiiflow don't supports this. In every case my questions was to contribute, and in difference cases my post give some kind of code to resolve little questions or problems.

    Wiihacks guide for Wiiflow can be found here:
    and it makes a special point to give credit to the current and former designers, contributors, and owners of the Wiiflow project.

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    This is just plain sad. Just stealing someone's code, who doesn't even ask money for it, but only ask you credit them is just sad. No other way to describe it.

    And why in the world would you remove NTFS + FAT32 support and the updater?
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    I'm glad other people are paying attention to this issue. As a result of this problem, r-win and lustar and I have decided to use a private svn and only release sources for new changes when releases are made. I personally have over 1000 hours invested into developing wiiflow, not to mention the other past/present contributors, so it's only natural for us to become upset when someone else is releasing our code as their own before we even get a chance to release it. I've spoken to the administrator of about it and have contacted the administrators of gbatemp through a liason concerning this guy's future account status.

    On the account that he has been unable to respond to this matter to give his side of the story yet, I'd have to say that some kind of miracle would have to happen for him to be able to justify his actions in any way. Maybe if he just simply "forgot" to credit us for changes or code or whatever I could understand and it could easily be rectified, but that was not the case. Special care was taken to remove any and all references to r-win and myself, and other coders from the source. The credit screen includes himself and a few people who helped him to do this.

    Honestly, noone that truly wants the best would use something that was hashed together by someone with limited coding ability. There are many examples of his lack of skill in even reading how the code works on gbatemp, constantly asking how this or that works.

    Anyways I'm not here to bash the guy, I just don't want the masses to think "Oh, he didn't mean it that way" when he comes back with "Oh, I'm sorry i didn't mean that". We have undoubtable evidence that it was no accident, in the fact that it was an intentional effort to remove the credits.
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    Thank you for providing your input here, miigotu. I consider this a very serious issue, especially dealing with a community like all of ours where open and honest communication is so important to the continued success of projects like Wiiflow. I, and I'm sure many of us, have the highest respect for the amount of time, care, research, and tolerance that you developers put into your work. What you folks do helps give Wii owners all over the world a new way to experience and enjoy their consoles.

    It takes mere hours and sometimes days to put together working guides for projects like these, but to actually develop a project like Wiiflow (and continue to develop on it) is a real feat. So it's a shame when you have to go such lengths to protect your intellectual property. But it is your intellectual property, and I don't blame you for closing it off. I imagine this all must feel like a kick to the chest.

    I'll be following along to see how this issue develops. If there's anything else the Wiiflow team would like the Wiihacks community to know about this scenario as it plays out, you're welcome to come back and let us know.

    Also, I've taken the time to look through our records and can see that the xabby666 in question is a member of our forums as well. Perhaps when he returns he will share his side of the story with us.
    "I think that the Wii is a beautiful piece of hardware, and a broken Wii is a tragedy. It doesn’t matter why or how." -- Bushing

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