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    Hello my name is tttplaiya from we are a gaming/modding website trying to be both. But we might make another website to separate the modding from the gaming. i am a admin on the website/i just have a super mod title our creator wanted to cut short on the groups so i'm still considered admin. and i recently soft modded my wii and i liked it. I'm thinking of posting a thread on this in the website so people can know. I might copy and paste if its alright with you at you'll get all the credit as it should be and thx for the help
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    Greetings from wiihacks, glad you stopped in the visiting staff section. We've separated the Wii from the DS (though we still have a small section on it, the DS was spun off onto its own). Welcome. If I may ask: your second-to-last sentence is a little... cryptic in what you are trying to convey. Care to restate?

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    You mean copy our softmod guide and give credit? Hmmm... I think in most cases such things don't happen; it would certainly depend on both the author and whatever prevailing or governing rules of our site allow. I can mention it and we'll see, best I can say. In any event, welcome (eyeball some of the introduction threads if you need any immediate links for some of our more popular stuff/guides).

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    Hello and thanks for dropping by, tttplaiya. In response to past requests from other sites, we have pointed out a few things that you will need to do in order to best serve your members.

    Our guides are dynamic and are often frequently updated to reflect user needs, software changes, Wii console changes, and Nintendo anti-modding activities. As such, a simple static copy and paste would do your members a disservice in posting a potentially outdated and possibly even dangerous guide. The latter situation has occurred where a past practice was rendered not only useless, but dangerous after a change in the Wii console. Accordingly, you might either consider your proposed cut-and-paste, but warn your members to either check the original source before following the guide, or keep your site's version of the guide updated yourself.

    It is the need to maintain an up-to-date guide for your members that creates the most common impediment to a simple copy-and-paste solution. The possibility of an outdated guide on your site causing member bricks or other damage is one that needs to be addressed before you proceed.

    We often counsel members looking for a good guide, independent of our site to consider: is the guide current, is the guide maintained-updated as needed, is the guide supported in the event of questions or problems. These are factors you need to address as well in order to best serve your own members.

    While the rights to the guides belong to the site owner, out of courtesy, we also request permission from the guide's original author when an outside site requests permission to post the guide with credit given to the author and WiiHacks. So, if you have a mechanism to protect your members from using an outdated guide on your site and wish to proceed in using one of our guides, please specify the guides of interest and the original authors will be contacted before we proceed to requesting permission from the site owner. We do appreciate your asking before merely going ahead with your plans. Best wishes to you in your efforts to provide a good site experience and resource for members.


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    i read his post earlier......
    you are always on the ball with most, as well as this one.

    did u get my message about the problem u had with 'promote as article'?
    does it work for you now?

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