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Thread: bricked after kids updated

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    bricked after kids updated

    I wasnt home . The kids put in a net flicks disk . It asked them if they wanted to update and they did. Im not sure if the update was from the disk or online. I was on system menu 4.1 and softmodded using the guides here. Thanks in advance

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    You need to give us a little more info. Does your Wii boot? Do you have Prilloader? Do you have Bootmii as boot2? 4.1U, 4.1E or 4.1J?
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    Sorry i was just about to go back and post more info. When you turn it on it goes straight to priloader menu v0.29 and it says Error autobooting file .try reinstalling! Could not open file!

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    You didn't address most of the questions asked of you. Did you have Priiloader configured to load something upon bootup (most often, this is usually a backup loadere in such cases)?

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    bootmii is not installed as boot2 i have priloader v0.29 system menu 4.1u and priloader is not configured to load anything

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    can you load homebrew through priiloader?

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    Just follow this guide
    use this to load HBC if you need to.

    Reinstall ios60-v6174 with patches
    Reinstall SM 4.1
    Reinstall priiloader
    Then the wii is fixed.
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    Thank you very much it worked perfectly

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    As OP has resolved his issue (darn those pesky kids, lol) thread closed --- glad you got it sorted.


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