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Thread: Question about installing save files with the Save Installer

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    Question about installing save files with the Save Installer

    My old Wii broke and so I had to get a new one. Before it broke I used the Save Extractor to save my Brawl save to my PC. If I hack my new Wii and use the Save Installer to install the save, could my Wii brick if I go online and use the old friend code? The friend code was issued to the old Wii, not the new one, so I'm thinking it could brick if I try to play online. What will happen if I use the save and go online?

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    yes it could, since nintendo Syncs system/game/save to 1 another to make it your code, thats why you cant transfer them, and thats why i heard a lot of people say that the MKW save bricked them

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    Thanks for answering, but has anyone actually done this? I posted this question in another forum and someone told me te Wifi settings are just erased. I want to be completetly sure before I do this.

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    im just gonna say, its locked for a reason, you ARNT ment to move it

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    That doesn't mean that it can't be done. After all, we aren't supposed to have homebrew. Can anyone confirm if the Wii will brick/crash?

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