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Thread: Join The New Wiihacks IRC #wifi_plaza

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    Join The New Wiihacks IRC #wifi_plaza


    Welcome to the New and Improved Wiihacks WiFi Plaza...

    A Place to come together and Play games over WiFi Connect..

    Basic Rules of Channel:
    1. Use your Site Username (NOT CLAN NAMES)
    2. Be Polite (Even if you Lose)
    3. No asking for Technical Support (Join #wiihacks Channel)
    4. No asking where to download games (This will result in a Ban from the Channel)

    For users that have been on the wiihacks IRC server before things have changed.... We have been able to get our own IRC server and there is new server info... To set up the new server {GO HERE} and once you are connected you can join the channel #wifi_plaza

    Channel Staff

    -- BluPhant --
    -- Cile --
    -- Dave_pm --
    -- Emuhack --
    -- Ithian --
    -- Jimdean --
    -- WiiJohn --
    -- Nightstah --
    -- ShadowSonic2 --

    You might want to have your friend codes near by. The idea of this channel is to get members to participate and have fun with other online using their Wii/DS games. Who knows, there's always the possibility of having tournaments too. I'd also like to remind users they can join the main channel #wiihacks to talk about other things too. If you have any thoughts or you want to run a online match let us know....


    Common Online Games:
    --- Mario Cart
    --- Super Smash Bros.
    --- Tatsunoko vs. Capcom
    --- Call Of Duty: ((SERIES))
    --- Quantum of Solace ((007))
    --- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Smash-Up
    --- (NOV 2010) GOLDENEYE ((007))
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    well just hope i can remember this BB stuff

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    this sounds very intresting
    am so ganna join

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    well how do u join is there a tab or something

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    Quote Originally Posted by nemesistypeb View Post
    well how do u join is there a tab or something
    uhh, HERE...

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