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Thread: PDP introduces headset for Wii's Call of Duty: Black Ops

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    PDP introduces headset for Wii's Call of Duty: Black Ops

    Yes, you'll be able to play the Wii version of Call of Duty: Black Ops online -- and even use voice chat, if you happen to have the proper equipment. To that end, PDP has announced the $25 "Headbanger Headset."

    Conveniently, PDP is releasing the headset on November 9, timed with the release of the game. It'll be available in white, or in a "limited edition" Call of Duty: Black Ops version -- meaning: in black with the game's logo printed on it. That way, when someone asks you what you're playing, you can simply point at the side of your head, without the need for more conversation; which is good, because nobody would want to talk to you after that.
    Source- Joystiq

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    PDP Headset on SoftMod Wii

    Hi Guys,

    Im trying to find somewhere to buy the headset (very hard in australia at the moment) but i wanted to know if there was any issues using this hardware on a softmod wii? Since i havn't updated to 4.3 (AND WILL NOT)

    Does it need any special firmware etc?

    Probably a silly question but just thought i would ask before purchasing.

    Also anyone know a wireless version?

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    Some people have reported that it doesn't work well when the game is played from USB. Not sure if a solution will be found for this...or if there are only a few people having issues with it (I haven't tried it as I really have no use for it). If any info is found it will be posted in the Black Ops guide found in the Wii Games section.
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    Okay just to update! Tried a cisco wireless phone and guess what it didn't work...... No real surprise there.

    So I contacted PDP directly and they informed me that the PDP headbanger headset was not picked up by a reseller or distributor in the whole of Australia!!

    I purchased one from eBay and it works well with one exception, if I start up the Wii with it connected my Wii won't startup.

    I believe this is due to the power drain of the portable hdd, and also the headset being connected at the same time. If I disconnect the headset I'm all good. Start up Wii flow and while it's in the "please wait" screen connect the headset and I'm ready to kill and taunt my victims.

    Just in case anyone had any issues



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