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Thread: Please add Me to Animal Crossing City Folk

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    Ca Please add Me to Animal Crossing City Folk

    i am adding you to my wii friends so i can visit your town

    Animal Crossing Friend Code= 0560-0334-1685 Name=Qwerty TownName- StThomas. Tell me if you add me

    Post yours please like mine if you add me ill add you thanks

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    Dec 2008
    Brisbane Australia...wouldnt be anywhere else....
    Friend codes from us town =Barbie

    ashley 4425-6424+4528
    brad 3265-9512-7330
    aaron 3695-4980-0937

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    Hi i'm going to add you in a min please add me and my Wife
    code: 3437-7939-5566
    Name: Cookie

    Code: 0603-1196-7425
    Town: Basing
    Name: Pebbles

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    Town Name:Sundance
    My Console Number 1333-2817-8940

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    Name : Kari
    Town : Ocean
    Code : 4769-3001-1462

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    Name : MaryAnn
    Town : Joplin
    Code : 4511-6115-7174

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    I added everyone that posted above where I posted.. I tried to time travel to get more money from the bank and it didn't work so my town needs a lot of work.. Sorry everyone..

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    friends code:3738-5038-9503

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    If you added me, please let me know.

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    Exclamation I put you on my friends list anime freak56

    Thanks for your friends code anime freak56. If you want to know where my friends code is, I posted it on top of anime freak56's post and got every friends code in here. I am opening or leaving the gate at 5:00 pm evrey day
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