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Thread: Uniiloader v0.97.7 has been posted.

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    Uniiloader v0.97.7 has been posted.

    Sorg has released Uniiloader v0.97.7

    Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFire you can find other files related to UniiLoader. New versions will be uploaded there. You may check it time after time in case i'll foget to update links here.

    I love this loader, its my one stop shop.

    I thought I'd add a few screen shots of my system.
    BTW this is what you can get with a Wode. Loading GC form the same loader.

    The reason for the games being displayed twice, is I have 2 partitions on this HDD,
    one NTFS and one WBFS. When I finalise my sytem I'll just have one.
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    thanks for this post and your mediafire archive, much appreciated.

    in remind about the Collection of DLC Unlocks & Tools - RB2 / GH thread...

    i cannot find information about, if certain NAND emu functions are supported, such as DLC for RB, GH and other games?

    do you happen to know?

    thanks a lot!

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    Whats that got to do with uniloader. Did I miss something.

    Checkout the threads on DLC.

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    sorry for me failing expressing this to the point.

    the question is: does uniiloader's nand emu function support DLC?


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    Could you provide a little more info about this app? I understand that it is a universal loader, but does game loading from an HDD require a WODE? Every time I click Load DVD Game it says Waiting for WODE. I have all my games saved on a WBFS drive and the Wii DVD Games option does not show when I launch the app. I would also like to know what people are talking about with this NAND Emulation. I have been reading about this program in the DLC and unlock tools thread, and am curious.

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    This app will load everything you have on your Wii, or USB HDD. To run run DVD's directly you will need a Wode.
    As an example,when in uniloader, to run a game from your HDD you would either select a loader fro HBC or a channel.
    To run a DVD I would select Neogamma, either from HBC or a cHannel.
    Its intended to run all apps on yout system, but not games directly, unless you have a Wode.

    I never use any emulators, or sneek or uneek. Perhaps someone who does could answer that part., or checkout the link in the first post to all the information the creator has provided.

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    That helps. Thanks!

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    Here is the current version 0.97.4 of UniiLoader:

    Information files here Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFire

    In case of Channel version, UniiLoader's folders should be placed to SD card.
    In case of HBC version, folders should be placed to drive from where UniiLoader has been started (USB/SD).
    In case of NANDEmu usage, folders should be placed to the same device and partition where emulated NAND folders are.

    * Covers
    /covers/DVD - for DVD games
    /covers/Channels - for Channels (WiiWare, VC, sytem Channels)
    /covers/Homebrew - for Homebrew apps
    any kind of picture and size (reasonable) are supported.
    Only PNG format (with transparency) is supported.

    * Cheats
    Format should be: <ID>_<cheat_name>.<dol|gct>
    RK5J01_English_Language.dol - alternative DOL for Kirby's Epic Yarn
    RK6E18_StopTimer.gct - cheat to stop timer in Kororinpa Saga.
    You may have several DOL/GCT files for one game. Appropriate cheat should be shoosen in game's options.

    * DOL servicing ISO9660 ISO
    In ISO9660 ISO u will see option to choose one of DOLs (from /Emulators), which will be started when you select this ISO.


    note for Homebrew
    UniiLoader supports Gamecube's homebrew as well. Use the same way as for Wii's Homebrew, but instead of boot.dol, use gcboot.dol name. UniiLoader will launch such homebrew under MIOS.

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    The current version is now 0.97.5 of UniiLoader:

    see first post, for links

    UniiLoader 0.97.5:
    - some minor fixes

    NANDEmu r30:
    - fixed crash if title has data folder but hasn't content folder.
    - choice.exe has been replaced by yn.exe in NANDEmu maker to make it compatible with 64bit OS.
    - some minor fixes.

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    Ok, I've gotten NANDEmu and Uniiloader installed. All works pretty well, but I have some issues/questions:

    1) Whichever device/partition the emulated NAND is on (SD or USB) is unavailable to load homebrew apps from. The system is hideously slow with the NAND on the SD card (and, since lots of games and apps don't support SDHC, I prefer keeping my 2GB SD in the slot - which wouldn't give me much space anyway). So, I'd much rather run from USB. If I want to keep homebrew apps and the NAND on the USB drive, do I need to split the drive into partitions? The docs were a bit unclear, there was a statement that "In case of NANDEmu usage, folders should be placed to the same device and partition where emulated NAND folders are." I guess that is only referring to the covers folder and other support folders for Uniiloader, though?

    2) Homebrew Channel hangs on the scam warning screen. I doubt I would ever need to use it since Uniiloader can run the homebrew apps, but I just thought that was weird.

    3) Uniiloader also doesn't show .wbfs files on the USB, even if the emulated NAND is on the SD card. Maybe this feature isn't working yet? The NANDEmu docs are written as if it's working, but the Uniiloader docs say "Load Wii DVD games from DI plugin of NAND Emilator (to be relased)".

    Yeah, yeah, "Get a WODE". But then I'd need two USB drives, unless I was willing to deal with the slowness and space limitations of putting the emulated NAND on SD - and partitioning the SD, for homebrew apps. I'd rather just keep using another loader for games until Unii is working.

    The emulated NAND I'm using is a BootMii dump, extracted with ShowMiiWads and then all the CIOSes deleted, in case that is useful information for anyone.

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