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Thread: Wii Error:003

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    Wii Error:003


    Is it true ONLY korea set will have this issue upon updating?

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    yes it is...

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    1. wat is the best way out when newbies get tat error? The problem is tat it cannot load , only shows the error in the black screen.

    2. when one gets a US virgin set, wat kind of mod will you recommend?

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    Moved to the Bricked section --- where if you look, you'll find a very lengthy thread/discussion on this very subject (right below the stickied threads).

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    The cure for the 003 error here and if you had a US virgin Wii I would suggest the Softmod Any Wii guide found in my signature.

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    1. There is no easy way out. It is very hard and often not possible to fix this error. This guide might be able to help you fix it, but don't get your hopes up just yet: Guide: How to fix Korean 4.2 error: 003 unauthorized device has been detected

    2. That depends. A softmod is free, but it does require some work installing and keeping up to date and does carry some risk. Certainly when the user does not follow instructions and does not read the thread about brick prevention. A hardmod will cost money, but is often easier to maintain, and carries less risk.
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    Many thanks and for the prompt reply..

    I think i will con't my qns in mauifrog thread as i dun understand the requirements needed.. i mean.. how to know wat hardmod (done by someone who went missing) and softmod if i cannot bootup the system??

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    If you're saying there is a hardmod installed (I'm not sure, it can be read either way re: your statement), if you're willing to open it up that may help you. There's a modchip identification thread here as a point of reference. Good luck.

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    yeah.. i had previously done my hardmod and softmod by a installer (gone now)..

    need to get a "Y" screwdriver first.. sigghhh.. even screws the make "Y".. really wonders "WHY"..

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    The proprietary screwdriver is just another means of attempting to keep you from accessing the Wii's internals, agreed. You can get'em cheap on Fleabay... where I got mine.

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