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Thread: usb loader gx-crash on startup

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    usb loader gx-crash on startup

    ok here is what i have
    wii lu70 with 4.2
    -installed HBC with bootmii installed as ios
    -in HBC i have DVDx, wad manager 1.4, and usb loader gx
    -installed cios38 rev14

    i am trying to backup a wii game to a usb pen drive pluged into the right usb port and when i click on the usb loader gx it loads then the screen goes black and i can only restart my wii. any help would be appreciated.

    i don't know if this problem is happening for the same reason but i tried to install wii dumper and it says error 2011 and will not let me load that either.

    my only goal is to be able to back up my wii games either on a portable hard drive or burn to disk.

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    Follow the Softmod ANY Wii guide below...after completion of the guide. Follow one of the two USB HDD guides below. Good luck and welcome to WiiHacks.

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