Developer- patpat
File Size- 11.40Mb
Latest Version- 4.3

Since V4 joined windows explorer right click menu, you need to read and write the registry key location, some anti-virus software, such as 360 may be issued a warning, please allow all actions ~ otherwise manually right click will not operate properly
Windows 7 and Windows VISTA users run software if you can not try to run the software administrator privileges
Windows 7 and Windows VISTA users to use the software if you can not drag and drop feature, please do not use the right or property to modify the software to run permissions


* Rewrote CTFtoolMenu with VC, current version is 2.0, support 32-bit and 64-bit systems
* Integrated PRXeditor v1.1
* Add a water wave model
* Subject conversion failed when converting the prx will be deleted or rco, converted part of the theme of reducing the case of crash
* Right image index to increase coverage of the source file prompt
* Right click menu of the second additional layer icon of the ptf format
* Pspboot_plugin.prx plug-Fixed some BUG
* Fixed various bug

Source- QJ