Developer- Drakon
File Size- 0.12Mb
Latest Version- 0.32

What is it doing?

- It will save all displayed 3d geometry to the file :>

How it's working?

- It's hooking some display functions and analyse display list. Thanks to jpcsp emu team for good code background :> And original author of RemoteJoy plugin

How to use it?

- Copy it to plugins directory and activate for games. Create 'models' directory on the root of memory stick. Run game. In game when you want to rip showed scene just press 'note'/'sound' button and let magic begin. You should notice that led of memory stick is blinking and game will probably freeze for a moment or two. Exit game and open 'models'. If you are lucky there should be 'model0.3d' file. It's raw models data.

What now?

- In package with plugin there is also 'decoder' tool that will convert raw data to .obj model format. Just put .3d file in the same directory as decoder and run exe. You should get .obj file with model. Open it with blender or any other app.


- There is still a lot to do - add model matrix transformations for vertices, texture support, optimization. Support more games - not all are working right now or not all from scene is exported[ALPHA]. Morphing and skinning are supported. If you want you can change/update/fix code but then please send me a patch. Code is not beautiful - I have started it as a experiment just to check if it's possible. You have been warned


I have fixed flipped triangles in converter and now you can save models many times in the game(but you must convert only one file at the time). Textures will come next.

Source- QJ