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Thread: Order then what?

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    Us Order then what?

    I've been searching all over wiihacks to find step by step of what to do.
    I know how to open and get the chips in. but is there any software that need to be loaded before installing software? please help. i bought D2B V4c no solder.

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    Yeah i know that we must open and clip it on but is there any software that needs to be loaded? like ISO Ios or something like that or homebrew i don't know a lot about this please help.

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    OK I understand. You open it up and clip it in then there is no software that you have to install its pre-installed with the chip but if you want to play a backup game then you have to make the game into an ISO and then burn it and it will play copied games but there is another way you could download an ISO (I'm not suggesting you should IT'S ILLEGAL!!!!) and burn it and play it.

    If you want homebrew you have to have The Homebrew Channel you dont have to have The Homebrew Channel if you dont want homebrew.

    There are mod chip updates that come out and you dont have to update unless you are having problems with games and the update fixes it. The update isn't nessecary it just fixes some bugs.

    So in less words you dont have to do anything to the chip all you have to do is the purpose you got the chip (Play Backups or Homebrew).

    Hope This Helped!!!!!!

    Please Thank!!!
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