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Thread: super mario galaxy 2 help

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    super mario galaxy 2 help

    hi my girlfriend put in smg2 into the wii original cd today and clicked on update , now when i go into the backup channel to play a copy game all i get is a black screen and wii remote turns off , i then have to turn wii off at the back , im on 4.2e and followed this guide when i flashed it

    ps. i have had it flashed for over 8 month now and had no problems its only since by mistake this update has been done , is there an easy was of fixin it thanks

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    the forum section is way off if you are not chipped

    do you still see the homebrewchannel?
    if not you need to resoftmod using the guide.
    if yes you can try to use the very first option on here Krank's Blackscreen Troubleshooting to get your cios back.

    <--suggestions helped? press Thanks

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    thanks for reply , yes i do see hbc , thanx for the link


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